Kid's Bios
Kid's Bios

Manuel Danilo and Melvin Manuel Nuñez
This adorable 6 years old twins live with their father and two older brothers.  The parents are separated. The mother lives out of the country. The father works and when at home, the kids spend most of the time with their siblings. They always arrive at school with a big and beautiful smile on their faces.  Since they received their hearing aids last January they have become more verbal. They love to sing and dance.
Guillermina Joseph
She is a profound deaf 17 years old. She is one of 9 nine children. She lives with both Christian parents in a makeshift home. The father works in a sugar cane field. She just started to learn sign language. Guillermina lives in a migrant village on the outskirts of town which are the poorest conditions (batey).  She does not have hearing aids. She also, when walking limps from her right leg.
John Kerry and Kerry John Medo Carty
They just turned 8 on April 7th. John has a profound hearing loss and Kerry a severe hearing loss. Since Kerry received his hearing aids he is constantly asking how to pronounce words. They are both making great progress in their academics and sign language. John already was recently moved to an advance group due to his progress. They have a younger sister and live with both parents. Both twins are friendly and lovable. John and Kerry love challenge and their art projects.
Verónica De La Cruz De Los Santos
She is a very fun and happy profoundly deaf 7 years old girl. She lives in a batey. She loves to learn, dance and sing. She lives with both parents and a brother. She uses both hearing aids. She is making great progress on her academics and on her sign language skills. She is very well liked by peers and visitors. Art is one of her favorite classes.
Genairelyn Scarlett Luis Morel
She is a three years old profoundly deaf girl. She enjoys being at school and looks adorable when signing. She is an only child and lives with both parents. She learned to ask when she needs to go to the bathroom, is eating by herself and loves to participate in all the activities.
Darwin Kennedy Rondón Morel
He is a 9 years old boy. He has a severe hearing loss and cerebral palsy. He is learning to sign and his academics. Even though it takes him longer than the other students to complete certain tasks he doesn’t give up and does a great job. He loves high five’s upon completion of his work. He lives with his mother and an older sister. He is Scarlett’s cousin.
Jael Weinum
He just turned 7. He is a very smart and a super active profound deaf boy. He loves to learn and has to be kept busy.  He lives with his great grandmother and his mother.  He has a fit every time there’s no school. He has perfect attendance. He already knows how to spell Len, Migdalia his first and last name and is very proud of it.
Betzaida Arias
She is a six years old profound deaf girl. She lives with both parents and a youngest sister in a batey. She seems to enjoy school and gets sad when she leaves in the afternoons. When at school she puts good effort in learning. She gets along with peers and is starting to communicate with them using the signs she is learning.
Dairuin Pimentel
He is a handsome six years old boy with a severe hearing loss. He lives with his mother, grandparents and two siblings. He was very excited when he heard for the first time especially after two stones were pulled from his left ear canal. He is afraid of the huge frogs around the school premises and the cacatas.
Fernando Fené
He is an 11 years old profound deaf boy. He lives with his mother and a brother in a distant batey. He once got upset with his previous teacher because she forgot to pray before going home. He portrayed an angel for the Christmas play.

Bienbenida Aquino
She is an 8 years old girl who cried when she heard for the first time through the hearing aids. She lives in a distant batey with her mother and an older sister. Due to the difficulty with transportation she is frequently absent and is having difficulty catching up with her language and academics. She is very sweet and has difficulty communicating with her peers because she is not learning her signs.
José Medina De La Cruz
He is a profoundly deaf 11 years old boy. He lives in a faraway batey with his mother and two older sisters.  His mother doesn’t seem to realize that deaf people can learn to write and read. Education for her is not a priority. On a couple of occasions he has been our house guest because she did not make sure he was picked up at school nor bothered calling to find out about him. He is sweet and shy. He hasn’t learned much due to his absences.
Carolay Boccio
She is a tall 11 years old profoundly deaf girl. She lives with both parents and a younger brother. She has potential to be a deaf leader. She volunteers to help when done with her work. She is tall for her age and gets along with her peers. She is starting to add and subtract. When upset she sucks her right thumb.
Miguelina Joseph
She is a profoundly deaf 10 years old. She lives in the farthest batey of all the kids. She lives with her mother, a sister and a brother. Due to the difficulty with transportation she doesn’t come often to school and is behind. Her mother states that she gets very upset when she can’t come to school. When in school puts good effort in trying to understand what’s happening around her and loves art.
Beylin Pinales
Baylin has had mayor surgery on his intestines. He also has a profound deafness. He has to eat a special diet. He appears to have some SLD issues, but until we don’t get his vision checked we won’t be able to give him other tests to find out.  He lives with his mother and an older sister.  He is a very active child and has difficulty retaining information.
Jennifer Felix
She is a 16 years old profoundly deaf young girl. She is being raised by her grandmother and grandfather because her mother passed during child birth. This is the first time in her life that Jennifer is able to attend school.
Her grandmother recalls with tears in her eyes, the many times Jennifer cried when she used to see neighbors and family kids going to school and she couldn’t go because there was no school for the deaf. Many weekends and days off, she gets up and dresses ready to go to school. She is the first one to arrive and she is always ready to work. She has some abilities and we are trying to help her become a hair dresser. Jennifer did not know sign language when she came to school. She is learning to count, add and the alphabet among others. Her skills are improving and she is communicating and understanding more clearly. She is Bladimilk’s and Rudelania’s cousin
Keyla Andreina Bautista

She is a 17 years old deaf student. She also likes hair dressing. She comes to school regularly. She is friendly and puts effort to learn. She has difficulty with math, but doesn’t give up. She lives with her mother, grandmother and sisters.
Rudelania Felix
She is a 33 years old profound deaf lady.  She is a single parent living with her mother. She wants to learn to read and write because she wants to help her son with his homework. She likes to do hair and nails. She comes with Jennifer and Keyla to Boca Chica Fridays afternoons to a cosmetology class. We just found out that her son is losing his hearing.
Smaylin Santiago
Smaylin is a multiple handicapped 22 years old deaf young man. He is an artistand has the gift of painting anything you ask him to. He always has a smile. He lives with his mother and two older brothers in a batey. He processes information a little bit slower than his peers, but he doesn’t give up until he is done. He is blind from his left eye and has difficulty walking so one of his peers always extends their arm to help him walk around the school premises.
Amaurys De Jesús
Amaury is a 26 years old profound deaf young man. He is very well liked by all his peers specially the girls. He lives with his mother and father and a couple of older siblings. He loves to learn and loves challenge. He has made great improvement academically and on his language skills. He rides a pasola to school and works part time fixing them. He is very responsible and is a great role model to all.
José Oscar Reyes
José is a 38 year old man with desire to learn math. He likes coming to school. He is already multiplying and dividing. He has difficulty finding a job. Most of the days of the week the only meal he eats, is the lunch provided by our school. He lives with a younger niece whom he seldom sees. Both of his parents are dead.