Our Vision

Establish a learning center for the deaf:  
  1. Where they will be taught the communication skills in sign language.
  • Integrate learning the gospel (as progress is achieved) through daily devotions.
  • Provide a sound biblical atmosphere for worship and adoration of the word of God.
  1. Concentration of efforts:
    Focus will be on school age children.
  • Weekly sign language sessions will be made available for friends and family members.
  • Provide friends and family with fundamental techniques in the new language which will bring the family closer and solidify family cohesiveness.
  • Bringing the family in unity will lay the foundation for a more stable church, neighborhood and those who will be touched and ultimately onto the country.
  • Teach the gospel to friends and family through weekly meetings and time of worship.
  1. Train and prepare high school age students for future endeavors:
  • By seeking out individual interests and abilities a comprehensive plan will be initiated as a blueprint for implementation.
  • By utilizing available resources and completion of necessary schooling or training, students will be matched according to their competency skills with their career paths.
  • The training center will house living quarters for administration personnel, classrooms for the academic classes, a vocational training wing and a chapel area.