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Despite the enemy's onslaught, we are committed to trust God and to serve Him. As the month of March draws to an end the school year enters its final phases. Like years prior it proved to be very challenging, but rewarding.  The students are flourishing in their academics and in their walk with the Lord. It is a real blessing for us to have one, two, three or more students to remind us or their teacher to pray before what ever the activity might be. When the time for a meal is upon us, they immediately prepare for prayer and start signing "lets pray".
They enter the classroom and stay standing and won't sit down until they have prayed. Just a few years ago these kids did not know anything about prayer; couldn't pray even if they wanted to. Thanks to God today our deaf students can communicate with Him.  Their parents on earth may have a communication deficit with them, but their heavenly Father hears and understand them loud and clear. Halleluiah!!  To God be all the glory. Amen
God be with you all,
Len & Migdalia Morales
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Len & Migdalia Morales