Sponsor a Student
Sponsor a Student

At one time in the Dominican Republic it was thought that the deaf were stupid and unable to be taught. This is not the case and these students are thriving in school. Students enrolled at Centro MIsionero para el Desarollo Integral de Sordos school range from the ages of 3 to 38. They are taught how to read, write, and do basic math and are given a hot lunch daily.  Sponsorship allows you to personally connect with students in need while making a lasting investment in their future. Your gift will ensure that each student will receive the necessary education to allow them to communicate with others.

When you pledge to sponsor a student for as little as $20.00 a month or as much as you can afford you are helping these children and young adults to aspire to a brighter future.

That small amount will provide a solid Christian educational foundation; provide snacks and meals (for a number of them the meals at school are often the only meals they get to eat). Your donation will help provide school materials, pay for teachers, cook and janitorial person.

As a monthly sponsor, you will receive a photo and profile of the student you are sponsoring, updates on his/her well being, and drawings or correspondence once a quarter. You will also have the opportunity to send Christmas gifts to your student. For only $20 a month, you can help change the life of a deaf student.

At the present the biggest need is a vehicle to go into the” Bateys” (sugarcane migrant workers villages) to bring the students to school.

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